Protect your stock of shellfish and fish from predatory birds with laser

The Shellfish Saver is designed to minimize predation on shellfish farms by deterring natural predatory birds with an innovative laser product.

The growers’ problem
Farming activities of shellfish attract predators like sea ducks. Aqua culturists estimate a loss up to 10 % of their gross production owing to seabird predation. As a side effect, birds’ droppings cause unhealthy conditions on and near shellfish farms. As examples, many sites are gone bankrupt because of sea duck problems in mussel farming, shrimp farmers suffer from sea gulls and fish farmers from cormorants. 


The bird’s problem
Lethal but legal methods are often used to eliminate all “guilty” animals around the farms. These activities are largely under-reported worldwide. The side effect of negative publicity caused by shooting can seriously harm the reputation of shellfish farming companies.


The solution: Shellfish Saver
The laser technology used in the Shellfish Saver is innovative and cutting edge. The emitted laser beam is widened for optimal visibility and to prevent damage being done in the unlikely event of long term bird eye exposure. The laser beam and the associated “dot” and scattering effect when it hits the waves, is a powerful bird deterrent. Birds react to the moving beam the way they react to an approaching car. It has got nothing to do with a blinding effect of aiming at bird eyes! Especially effective during dawn, dusk, rainy or foggy conditions.

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