Protect your fish from seal and sea lion predation

The SealSalmon Saver is a product designed to minimize predation on fish farms by deterring natural predators like seals and sea lions.


The farmers’ problem
Farming activities of fish attract predators like seals and sea lions. Aqua culturists estimate a loss up to 10 % of their gross production owing to marine mammal predation. As a side effect, the presence of predators affects fish behaviour and stress levels, causing loss in production by affected feeding patterns of stressed fish. Furthermore, aggressive predators like seals and sea lions can actively destroy enclosures and release farmed fish into wild fish stocks.


The seals’ problem
Lethal methods are often used to eliminate all “guilty” animals around the fish farms. Licences are handed out to fish farmers for these killings, but a lot is largely under-reported worldwide. The side effect of negative publicity can seriously harm the reputation of fish farming companies.


The solution: SealSalmon Saver
The SealSalmon Saver is a solution with the purpose of keeping predators at safe distance from fish farms. The way of producing natural and unnatural sounds under water is completely innovative and is expected to be the solution for habituation and noise pollution. Combined with a new innovative transducer, the SealSalmon Saver will be an enormous boost for the world wide aquaculture industry, which must focus on sustainability the upcoming decades.


Workings of the SealSalmon Saver
The SealSalmon Saver is a flexible custom made modular system that emits sound waves to deter predators form your farming site. The product is a modular acoustic system that triggers the Accoustic Startle Respons (ASR) of seals and sea lions to deter them from the desired area. These sounds are intensively tested, animal friendly and specially designed to deter predators without causing habituation.

The SealSalmon has been developed under Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) regulations. More information on the project is available on the website of SBIR. Look for "AquaCulture Shield".


Sales and information


If you have any questions concerning the sales or trials of our SealSalmon Saver or have a request for extra information, please contact us.

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