Protect your catch and prevent sea bird bycatch with laser and sound

The Seabird Saver is a unique combination of laser and sound that deters marine birds from fishing activities. Deterring birds from baited hooks reduces bird fatalities and bait theft, thus optimizing fishing efforts.

The fisherman’s problem

During the setting of long lines, big flocks of opportunistic seabirds gather near the stern of fishing vessels to await the baited hooks. Taking the bait of the sinking hook provides the bird with a meal and renders the hook useless for fishing, causing great financial losses in the long lining industry. Some birds are hooked during this process and are dragged underwater, resulting in death by drowning. All albatross species are affected, causing negative publicity for the fisheries. If a lot of protected birds are caught during one season, this can even cause a forced shutdown of fisheries effort for that season.


The problem for sea birds
Despite the general sustainability of long line fisheries, by-catch of non targeted species causes a threat to the fishery, not to mention the bird species susceptible to this problem. Both in coastal areas and on the high seas, many birds die as by-catch annually. Reported seabird fatalities number over 300.000 a year. As an added pressure, this is serious threat to the survival of many marine birds, especially albatross species which are extra vulnerable due to a slow reproduction rate.


The solution: SeaBird Saver
SaveWave has developed an innovative solution to the problem. The Seabird Saver is a vessel based device that emits both a highly innovative combination of a laser and acoustic stimulus to deter marine birds from the baited lines. This animal and environmentally friendly solution creates a profitable situation for both parties. The fisheries improve on sustainability by minimizing by-catch and maximize the amount of baited hooks in the water. The birds benefit by not accidentally being caught and drowned by the current systems.


Extra information
For additional information on the SeaBird Saver, please visit

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The SeaBird Saver project is sponsored through a prestigious European subsidy, called "Eurostars". More information on the project and the received subsidy is available on the website of Eurostars. Look for "Bird Saver".





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