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The SeabirdSaver

A step forward in reducing seabird bycatch

The SeabirdSaver

Were you aware of the fact that at least 300.000 seabirds  die annually as a result of longline fisheries by-catch? That is more than 820 a day on average!

Assumptions however are that this number is much bigger, since the majority of bird by-catch is under or non-reported. Next longline fisheries, various other forms of fishing like trawling, pur seine fishing, gillnets and Hoki fishing also contribute to seabird mortalities, multiplying the mortality number even more.

Of the 22 species of albatross, 17 are threatened with extinction. By-catch is a main contributor to declining albatross numbers and many other sea bird species.  During the setting of the lines, birds dive down to snatch the bait of hooks, sometimes resulting in a fatal hook-up where birds swallow the hook, get dragged underwater and suffer a horrible death by drowning.

SaveWave is on a mission to reduce marine bird & mammal mortality in (longline) fisheries interactions with benefits for both fishermen and marine fauna. In 2013 SaveWave finished a cutting edge and innovative new product to reduce seabird by-catch in fisheries. This bird deterrence system is called the Seabird Saver and uses the combined strength of  strong visual and acoustic stimuli to keep birds out of the hooks danger zone. Testing commenced in summer 2013 and has showed amazing results. Watch the video on YouTube here below for test with the SeabirdSaver.


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