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SeaBird Saver wins WWF’s Tuna Bycatch Reduction Prize 2014

SeaBird Saver wins WWF’s Tuna Bycatch Reduction Prize 2014

SaveWave’s SeaBird Saver has won the Tuna Bycatch Reduction Prize 2014, issued by John West in the World Wildlife Fund Smart Gear competition. The SeaBird Saver is the answer to bird by-catch problems in (long line) fisheries. Every year, hundreds of thousands of seabirds, including some endangered albatross species, die a horrible and unnecessary death in fisheries where they accidently get hooked or netted. 


Ecologically sustainable solution with maximized profits

Developed in close cooperation with Norwegian Mustad Autoline under Eurostars regulations, the SeaBird Saver emits a highly effective laser beam from the stern of the fishing vessel to keep birds away from the danger zone. Birds are afraid of this moving beam and react in the same manner as with an approaching car. In this ecological sustainable way, the SeaBird Saver prevents injury or death of sea birds and increases the catch rates of fishermen. No birds on their hooks and more bait in the water automatically means more fish and profit for the fishermen.

Great effectiveness and potential

The 2014 International Smart Gear Competition seeks innovative, environmentally friendly ways to reduce the amount of fisheries bycatch. The judges of the competition consisting of fisheries experts, gear technologists, fishermen, scientists, researchers and conservationists are enthusiastic about the SeaBird Saver’s effectiveness and ease in operations. They have awarded the product for it’s great potential to reduce seabird by-catch in global tuna fisheries. SaveWave’s marine biologist Ernst Schrijver has travelled to Melbourne, Australia, to attend the Simplot “Acts of Green Event” to receive the prize and inform the people employed at Simplot about the workings and applications of the SeaBird Saver. Winning the Tuna Bycatch Reducation Prize helps SaveWave in continuing new research to further develop the SeaBird Saver.


The SeaBird Saver is already in operation in Norway, Iceland, The Netherlands, Australia, Russia and Alaska with outstanding results. This makes the SeaBird Saver a win-win solution to both conservation ánd fishing efforts. Read more about this unique bird deterrent.


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