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Freeing the ocean from ‘plastic soup’

SaveWave donates to The Ocean Cleanup

Freeing the ocean from ‘plastic soup’

What do ‘plastic soup’ and by-catch have in common? They are both a threat to our oceans and marine life such as turtles, seabirds and other marine mammals.

SaveWave’s mission is to rescue marine life such as seabirds, dolphins and orcas from a terrible and unnecessary death caused by interaction of these animals with the fishing industry. SaveWave does this by developing technological solutions that are environment friendly and also beneficial for the fishermen. The 19-year old Boyan Slat has the same objective. He came up with a solution for the collection and disposal of plastic waste from the ocean.

Floating waste dump
The floating plastic waste dump of millions of tons is a serious threat to our marine life, health and economy. Boyan’s project is called The Ocean Cleanup. It takes 2 million dollars to install the system that can remove plastic from the ocean. So far, the project gathered 1,7 million dollars. SaveWave made a donation to contribute to the project.

SaveWave and Boyan aren’t strangers to each other. They sat down together to share information and discuss The Ocean Cleanup. After all, both parties have the same goal: protecting marine life.

Would you like to know how Boyan is planning on cleaning up the ocean? Read more about the project and make a donation:

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