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Freeing the ocean from ‘plastic soup’

What do ‘plastic soup’ and by-catch have in common? They are both a threat to our oceans and marine life such as turtles, seabirds and other marine mammals.

SeaBird Saver runner up for Nor-fishing innovation award 2014

The SeaBird saver wins second place at the Nor-Fishing innovation award 2014. 

SeaBird Saver as Nor-Fishing Innovation Award 2014 finalist!

The SeaBird Saver has been nominated as one of the three finalists of the coveted Nor-Fishing Innovation Award 2014. It was nominated next to an improved en environmentally friendlier 20 kg fish box and an innovative new cutting device for removing the side bones out of filets of fish using a jet of water.

Did you know that each year hundreds of thousands of seabirds die an unnecessary death in encounters with the fishing industry? This is an enormous ecological problem, especially for endangered species such as the albatross. Find out about SaveWave's mission to help save these seabirds.

Stumbled upon doomed harbour porpoises

During a drill on the Dutch North sea coast, the Dutch coastal rescue service (KNRM), stumbled upon two doomed harbour porpoises. Find out what happened next.

Scientific whaling not for scientific purposes

The international court of justice in The Hague has ruled that Japan’s “scientific” whaling programme is not for scientific purposes. Will Japan respect this ban?

The great albatros

Interesting fact you didn't know about the albatross. Once albatross chicks fledge, they do not return to land for many years.

Killer whale at the Olympics

Two killer whales, who have been captured by hunters are on their way to display during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Animal protection adviers say the exhibit effort – was cruel and a “callous attempt to cash in on the Olympics”.

The only whale to sail

The southern right whale displays a unique behaviour called “sailing”. The whale positions itself vertically in the water column, raising its fluke out of the water  and uses it’s up to six metres broad tail fluke to catch the wind.

Trawl fisheries

Trawl fisheries are a cause of significant levels of seabird by-catch when birds (primarily albatrosses and petrels) collide with warp cables at the back of boats, and become entangled in nets during the later stages of hauling. Up to 40 species are thought to be affected, with tens of thousands estimated to die each year.

Unique conjoined gray whale carcass found in Mexico

Two local fishermen stumbled upon the lifeless carcass or conjoined twin gray whales calve. The twins, joined at the belly, probably died just after birth or were aborted by the mother just before birth.

Dolphins: inverters of recreational drug use?

For anyone who still needs convincing material to fully appreciate the intelligence of dolphins, check out this video by the BBC series Dolphins: spy in the pod

The SeabirdSaver

Were you aware of the fact that at least 300.000 seabirds  die annually as a result of longline fisheries by-catch? That is more than 820 a day on average!

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