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SeaBird Saver wins WWF’s Tuna Bycatch Reduction Prize 2014

SaveWave’s SeaBird Saver has won the Tuna Bycatch Reduction Prize 2014, issued by John West in the World Wildlife Fund Smart Gear competition. The SeaBird Saver is the answer to bird by-catch problems in (long line) fisheries. Every year, hundreds of thousands of seabirds, including some endangered albatross species, die a horrible and unnecessary death in fisheries where they accidently get hooked or netted.  

Currently, the SeaBird Saver is being used in trials in the Bering Sea by a longline vessel. As so far, during 6 seperate experiments, the results have been tremendous. An average of about 90% reduction in seabird presence in the danger zone has been achieved whilst using the SeaBird Saver. Several albatross species including black footed  and laysan albatrosses have been repelled from dangerous fisheries activites.

Freeing the ocean from ‘plastic soup’

What do ‘plastic soup’ and by-catch have in common? They are both a threat to our oceans and marine life such as turtles, seabirds and other marine mammals.

SeaBird Saver runner up for Nor-fishing innovation award 2014

The SeaBird saver wins second place at the Nor-Fishing innovation award 2014. 

SeaBird Saver as Nor-Fishing Innovation Award 2014 finalist!

The SeaBird Saver has been nominated as one of the three finalists of the coveted Nor-Fishing Innovation Award 2014. It was nominated next to an improved en environmentally friendlier 20 kg fish box and an innovative new cutting device for removing the side bones out of filets of fish using a jet of water.

Did you know that each year hundreds of thousands of seabirds die an unnecessary death in encounters with the fishing industry? This is an enormous ecological problem, especially for endangered species such as the albatross. Find out about SaveWave's mission to help save these seabirds.

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